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Silver Lining Consulting offers innovative evidence based interventions to support individuals/children experiencing the negative impacts of anxiety, depression, PTSD and Trauma.

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Our body and minds are amazing, complex, interconnected systems hardwired for protection and connection with others. When we have experienced a particularly affecting event, trauma, abuse or suffer from PTSD, we both consciously and sub-consciously become more engaged in physiological and emotional protection. Self-protection is beneficial when there is a event we need protection from, but often the body and mind are not able to reset and remain reset after an extreme event or series of events causing an increase in automatic self-protection. This is commonly referred to as being triggered. Being triggered is the subconsciously habituated response to similar or perceived to be similar events that cause us to feel unsafe due to similarities of events. Those triggers often lead us to heightened emotional states and sub-conscious protection due to past events, impacting our body and minds ability to connect, form healthy relationships or maneuver with ease through social engagements.

Using simple and evidence-based techniques, we can work together to reduce the overall amount of time spent in therapy by reducing physical and emotional symptoms of trauma, anxiety and grief. Cognitive approaches are great, but they are just that, cognitive, surface, a starting place for changing the embedded unconscious responses to our experiences. Mindfulness approaches and processing difficult memories at a sub-cortical level are the next step for a deep, meaningful, approach to reducing emotional and physical responses to difficult memories, trauma and symptoms of PTSD.

Safe and Sound Protocol

SSP is based on years of research from Dr. Stephen Porges, the developer of the Polyvagal theory. Polyvagal theory focuses on the relationship between the autonomic nervous system and social-emotional processes which affects regulation of emotions and physical body. Using specially modified music, SSP is a 5 day, 1 hour a day program for children or adults that makes adjustments to auditory pathways so that they can better focus on human speech frequencies to support calmed emotional states, improve attention and enhance social connection.

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